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LW - Liz Woods

Thank you so much for dropping by!

I am Liz Woods, LW for short, a writer and publisher of children's books. I also post news and political commentary in social media like Facebook.  Look for me under Trump Girl.  

Yes, I'm an avid fan of our beloved President, Donald J. Trump and I am a dedicated evangelical Christian. But that doesn't mean my brain is asleep!  I am always interested in other points of views and relish open, honest discussion of current events, philosophical thought and controversies.  I'll even share a favorite recipe or two!

I have a sincere, deep interest in what's going on in our country.  I know what fake news is and how to navigate it, and feel it's my duty to share this knowledge in an open, non-judgemental way. To me, it's always a good thing to talk!

So, please feel welcome, no matter what political stripe or religious entity you buy into.  All I ask is that we maintain civility, even in the midst of serious disagreement.

Speaking of children's books, my latest, Ooops!, is now available!

Ooops! is available for sale on my e-store website:  Please feel free to visit there for a look anytime.  The button below will get you there or you can type in in your favorite browser.

Ooops! is a little story about toddlers who are learning how to eat with a spoon, narrated by Grandma who remembers those days very well!  She knows it's a tough time for Mom and Dad, but with patience, it will be over before they know it!  Enjoy!