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About LW


My Work

I've been writing books since 1993 when my son, Danny, 

was a little guy who didn't know what books were for.  

Some of them are: 

Best of The West, A Little Aggie, 

A WC and Me, Bye Bye Bath, 

The Right School and 

A Guide to Autism.  

I'm revisiting my favorite books to bring them back to life 

for modern readers, and have plans for brand new books!  


I'm a Texan through and through!

I'm a native Texan, born and bred right here 

in the GREAT state of Texas! 

 I live in San Antonio with my precious husband of 32 years. 

His name is Pat.  

He and I both love the Lord and are very grateful 

for the life God's given us!

So, who is LW?

  I'm Elizabeth Woods, 

a real person who sells real books written and published by myself.  

I specialize in children's books and 

do my very best to write wholesome, good books for the entire family.    

I also give my opinions about life issues and politics on social media. Some of you may recognize me as Trump Girl on Facebook.  I am 

a huge fan of our beloved President, and not ashamed to tell anyone! 

I welcome all opinions even if they differ from mine.  In fact,  

I welcome them!  I believe, as a Christian and a responsible American citizen, it is my duty to educate, inform and encourage the exchange of information, thoughts and ideas. 

When I have the blog up, please feel free to contribute your thoughts and ideas!  Your knowledge would be great too!  We can all learn from each other!

 I use the pen name LW. The L stands for Liz , a nickname for Elizabeth, the W for Woods, my last name.  There is another writer named Elizabeth Woods.  She is a New York Times Bestselling novel writer; good for her!  So, to avoid confusion, I chose the name LW. 

Please know...


I welcome everyone, regardless of political stripe, and 

extend every courtesy to you.

I expect that in return, if you choose to participate

 in this website, 

you will do the same for me. 

Let's have fun together!