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Our Goal

The Goal of this website, LW is to be a safe zone: a place where anyone, no matter what your political beliefs may be, can hang out, relax away from worldly troubles, sit down to enjoy a good book, and maybe decide to buy one!

I'm hoping to start a blog where we can exchange ideas and information soon!  More info on that will be forthcoming.  

Meanwhile, the following policies refer mostly to it, but they also apply to any issue going on at any time in this website:  LW

If you're rude or desire to interrupt...


Please know that if you're rude or if you desire to disrupt, harass, embarrass, abuse, bully or in any way attempt to harm anyone or me in any way, you'll be banned and reported to law enforcement.

Please also note that foul, abusive language will not be tolerated in this website. An occasional slip of the tongue or passionate word or sentence or two is one thing, but nastiness is something different. There's no need for that here, and I assume responsibility for deciding what's mean spirited and what isn't.

My decisions are final.

Part of assuming responsibility involves making decisions.  When I make one, it's final. 

As always, I welcome input and advice.  Please send your comments to the Contact LW form. 

I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your cooperation!